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Amanda Laden International provide talent and business strategy consulting, workshops, trainings, retreats, key-notes, and facilitations, custom designed to guide organizations around effective leadership, human capital strategies, and creating diverse and inclusive work cultures.

Whether you're big or small, a fast-moving start-up or maintaining a legacy for over 100 years, every company needs a finger on the pulse of the modern business landscape.  




is always present: growth and hiring, new leadership, succession planning.

is a vital component of successful companies: mission & value alignment, trust environment, bridging generational gaps, international mergers, work-life balance.

has many faces: poor leadership, toxic employees, clashing personality/work styles, family run businesses.


Experts in Optimizing Talent Strategies to Maximize Engagement & Retain Key Talent in High-Growth Organizations

In an unprecedentedly competitive era of full-employment, the experts at Amanda Laden International guide your Executive Leadership Teams to align your People Strategies with your Business Outcomes to optimize retention, minimize talent gaps, maximize engagement and strengthen high-growth trajectories.

Does your company have a People Strategy that aligns with your Business Outcomes?



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As an official Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC, The Predictive Index, and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Amanda Laden International analyzes quantitative assessment tools to offer keen insights into behavioral strengths, indvidual motivators, and team dynamics to optimize your Talent Strategies.

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