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Amanda Laden International provide talent and business strategy consulting, workshops, trainings, retreats, key-notes, and facilitations, custom designed to guide organizations around effective leadership, human capital strategies, and creating diverse and inclusive work cultures.


Experts in Helping Fast-Growth Companies Reboot their Strategic Growth Plans After Organizational Change.

We’re the Experts in Helping Fast-Growth Companies Reboot Their Strategic Growth Plans, Reimagine Their Revenue Streams, Restructure Their Teams, and Reset Their Client Relationships.


We are a seasoned team of expert consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers and helpers who steer high-growth gazelles back to financial stability and growth after market disruptions, large organizational changes, or crisis events.


Our fast-moving, high-growth clients thrive on Strategic Regrowth Steering Sessions, Rapid Reboot Virtual CEO Roundtables, Virtual Team Restructurings, and Leadership Trainings for Change Management and Crisis Clarity.




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As an official Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC, The Predictive Index, and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Amanda Laden International analyzes quantitative assessment tools to offer keen insights into behavioral strengths, indvidual motivators, and team dynamics to optimize your Talent Strategies.

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