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Amanda Laden


Human Capital & Leadership Strategist and Expert Wine Educator‍‍‍


With over 15 years experience in International Business,

traveling to over 45 countries and leading teams on 5 continents, Amanda Laden is a leading strategist in change, culture, and conflict for the modern workforce.

Amanda La‍‍‍den‍‍‍ uniquely combines over 10 years of knowledge as a certified Wine Expert with human capital and leadership strategy to help businesses gain new insights and clarity to challenging organizational issues.

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Contact us today to for human capital and leadership strategy and see how we can help provide clarity in solving som‍‍‍e of today's most pressing organizational issues.


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Crafted from the heart, curated by experience. A‍‍‍manda Laden speaks regularly on topi‍‍‍cs of leadership, entrepreneurship, corporate culture, millennial retainment, diversity & inclusion, women in the workplace and emotional intelligence.‍‍‍



We provide strategy consulting, workshops, trainings‍‍‍ and facilitations custom designed to guide organizations around effective leadership, human ‍‍‍capital strategies, and creating diverse and inclusive work cultures.

Sipping Life on My Terms: A Girl's Journey Through Wine and Travel from Amanda Laden on Vimeo.


‍‍‍Learn about Amanda's unique story through wine and‍‍‍ travel!

Whether you're big or small, a fast-moving start-up or mai‍‍‍ntaining a legacy for over 100 years, every company needs a finger on the pulse of the modern business landscape.  




is always present‍‍‍: growth and hiring, new leadership, succession planning.

is a vital component‍‍‍ of successful companies: mission & value alignment, trust environment, bridging generational gaps, international mergers, work-life balance.

has many faces: poor leadership, toxic employees, clashing personality/work styles, family‍‍‍ run businesses.