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Our workshops have been meticulously planned to provide organizations with a unique experience. We mix wine and strategy, tackling tough business critical issues such as team cohesion, inclusive cultures, and building a diverse pipelin‍‍‍e. When you mix 1 part wine, 1 part strategy and 1 expert facilitator - it is 100% sheer genius!


‍‍‍Equipped with DiSC and Five Behaviors of an Effective Team, our training programs focus on improving the soft skills of individuals and team cohesion, which leads to organizational transformation and lasting change. We train on leadership skills such as: accountability, emotional intelligence, conducting difficult conversations, self-awareness, and much more.


Off- and on-site retreats are custom tailored to fit the needs of our clients. Our retreats are j‍‍‍‍‍‍am-packed with educational conte‍‍‍nt and activities, with the added opportunity to enjoy memorable wine experiences like tastings, tours, and trips led by our certified wine expert, Amanda Laden.


Our team of facilitators provides workshops, trainings and retreats to help organizations empower their employees, leverage individual strengths and‍‍‍ create diverse and inclusive cultures.  

What sets us apart from your average workshop is our‍‍‍ wine experiences - providing exciting, engaging, and memorable learning and strategy sessions for our clients.


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